The library has got a rich collection of books built on a former Library of the General Directorate of Polish Kingdom’s Posts. Currently, it consists of Polish and foreign literature in the field of philately and postal history, and telecommunications, official departmental publishing, Polish and foreign magazines and catalogues, encyclopaedias, dictionaries and antique books and manuscripts.



Worth mentioning is the collection of old prints consisting of 47 volumes. There are extremely valuable items, among other things: "Kurzer Bericht der wegen Einrichtung Posten" written in 1680, containing a report of the activities of the Royal-Polish Post Office in Gdańsk from 1661 to 1680 and "Il Buratino Veredico [...]" – The Italian eighteenth century brochure with timetable of letter and personal post service in Europe, published in Rome in 1684. It is provided with six-language dictionary, including Polish, words and phrases commonly used when travelling.

Most Polish manuscripts date from the eighteenth century. Inventories are composed of rights registers, statutes, as well as the constitution of the Crown and Lithuania and the post ordination.

Among the nineteenth century prints there is a large collection of Polish calendars, containing information about communication and post offices, among others: political diaries with postal routes and links tables in the Polish Kingdom and the Russian Empire.
Interested persons can use the library reading room, where they can enjoy the author’s catalogue -  title and substantive.

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